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UFS GIVES – at it again.

July 2022 – The UFS employee resource group “UFS GIVES” came up big again raising funds for Mel’s Charities, the Love 4 Lexi Foundation, and for Community Living in Missouri. Plus the team made a nice contribution to the Port Washington Food Pantry. These community organizations are important to us and we’re grateful to have had the chance to help our local communities.

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EXPERTS EXPLAIN: 5 Q’s with Mindy Puckett

In this edition of EXPERTS EXPLAIN, Mindy Puckett, the UFS Director of Bank Application Technology and Operations shares how she became a believer in change management, and how she has discovered its critical value to avoiding outages and maintaining operations.

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EXPERTS EXPLAIN: 5 Q’s with Pam Moroder

Knowing community bankers care deeply about operational efficiency, in this edition of EXPERTS EXPLAIN, Pam Moroder, the UFS Operations Manager discusses how UFS has maintained efficiency through change.

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EXPERTS EXPLAIN: 5 Q’s with Amy Radue

What prevents a bank from improving their security posture? How could a bank’s cybersecurity plan improve their operational efficiency? UFS Director of Risk Management, Amy Radue, answers trending cybersecurity questions

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