UFS Services

Even as a uniquely positioned technology outfitter for community banks providing many services and solutions, UFS is less defined by our broad range of services than by a perspective rooted in our cooperative customer environment: transparency, accountability, and a community bank focus that delivers leading edge technology while decreasing total costs.

UFS Solutions

UFS is a bank technology outfitter providing best of breed core, digital, cybersecurity and IT management solutions for community banks looking to thrive in the fast moving financial technology space. We let you focus on being a banker, and meeting your customer’s needs.

Core & Digital Processing

UFS’s core processing solution is designed specifically for community banks ranging from de novo’s up to $10 billion in assets. We provide the breadth and depth of all traditional core functionality that seamlessly integrates with a suite of surrounding solutions to meet your current and future needs and the needs of your customers.

Cybersecurity / IT Management Solutions

Over years, we built layered cybersecurity, IT Management and Cloud application platform solutions wrapped in regulatory compliance to support our SOC1/SOC2 data center. We offer the same services packaged in a fixed rate subscription solution set, so community banks can leverage our purpose-built environment.

How is UFS Unique?

Leveraging the intersection of community, technology, and people.

  • Bank Exclusive – Only partner with community banks
  • Founded by community banks and built to empower community banks to compete with large national banks
  • Maintaining 100% customer satisfaction levels (5+ years)
  • New, purpose-built SOC1/SOC2 regulated data center
  • Flexible, bank focused model
  • Regulatory compliance and vendor management baked in
  • Heavily staffed with former bankers, 10+ years of banking experience