UFS Podcasts

UFS is the technology outfitter for community banks, and yet it’s really all about the people. To engage and share insights on community banking, we’re testing the value of podcasts to stay connected on the topics that matter.

Introducing: “Canned Air with Heather & Amy”. Heather Dieringer is a UFS Product Specialist and Amy Radue is the UFS Director of Risk Management. Like many at UFS, both served as bankers before joining UFS. They bring great insight, advice and the occasional chuckle in their series: Canned Air.

Canned Air with Heather and Amy

Episode 1. Apple Pies, BCP Testing and Disaster Recovery.

by Heather Dieringer & Amy Radue

Canned Air is the proposed UFS Podcast. Please share feedback on the pilot and add topics you’d love for us to consider covering:

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