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Tom Szews

Regional Business
Development Manager – Illinois

Cell: 414.313.9072 | UFS: 262.376.3000

Tom is passionate about helping leaders successfully implement strategy.  He draws from his Engineering degree, MBA, and career in technology in working with bankers to deploy technology that moves banking forward.  Tom seeks first to understand the uniqueness of each bank and how it serves its community to ensure that any technology deployed works for that bank and its people versus the other way around.  Confident about the future of community banking, Tom is a living example that UFS is a technology outfitter for community banks, facilitating each unique strategy.

A Cheese Head through college, Tom’s first job was with Commonwealth Edison in Libertyville, Illinois.  He now lives just outside Milwaukee and is a dedicated resource for bankers in Illinois.  Often he stays with family in Decatur, Illinois as he travels throughout the state.

Meet Tom Szews and UFS!


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Tom was asked recently why he is so passionate about helping leaders achieve their goals. He said: “Actually, I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals.”

In my personal life, coaching youth sports allows me to follow that passion.
In my Business Development role here at UFS, helping bankers and banks achieve their strategy allows me to follow that passion.
For each athlete, the goals and experience is personal. The conversations with a 6 year old are different than conversations with a 16 year old, but, individual conversations about goals, roles and desired outcomes are crucial to facilitating a positive experience and a life-long love of the game.
At UFS, conversations with bankers differ, but the goal is always the same. I am driven to understand the strategy of the bank and the goals of the bankers so that UFS can deploy the right technology the right way and empower that bank to thrive. Conversations are key to ensuring a positive experience for bankers and bank customers.

Tom shares why Community Banks love to work with UFS!

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