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EXPERTS EXPLAIN. 5Q’s with Stacy Pritzl.

In this edition of EXPERTS EXPLAIN, Stacy Pritzl, Solution Consultant for UFS, explains how experience and expertise bring great opportunity to guide community bankers.

Outfitting community banks, serving as a guide to meet their unique and specific needs.

The fin-tech space is crowded. Community bankers feel so much pressure with different voices, recommendations and advice coming from every direction that often, they simply don’t know how to make sense of all the technology options available to them.

Challenges exist over who to trust and determining which options are best suited to fit their needs. Community bankers seek guides who can help them navigate through the complex terrain of banking technology.

As a technology outfitter for community banks, UFS serves to guide and outfit community bankers with solutions and services that best fit their needs and goals. The specific role of “Solution Consultant”, held by Stacy Pritzl, was established to specifically serve to be a guide for community bankers where our experience and expertise within the community banking market and technology solutions industry builds a trusting partnership where goals and objectives of the bank are priority.

In the interview with Stacy, she recognizes how banks have different needs and strategies, including how their markets are different, how they possess different branch strategies, different technology needs and more. She shares how community banks that UFS partners with range from de novo banks to having multiple billions in assets. “As you can imagine, each of those have very unique needs, and therefore, we work with our customers to really understand what best aligns with what they are trying to accomplish.”

Community bankers look to UFS to help guide them through the technology terrain. “We try to create an experience for our customer that will help them navigate and get the best and optimal experience from the technology that they choose for today, and for the future,” said Stacy reiterating great value in her role as a guide for customers in the UFS Community.
In the interview, Stacy points out why serving as guides at UFS helps bring greater clarity for community bankers, as UFS understands community banking. “We speak community banking,” Stacy said. “Most of our employees have a background in banking, and so they understand not only how to meet their needs from a technology standpoint, but they understand the business of banking.”

To help navigate through the technology landscape for your banking journey, please reach out to UFS so we can help you determine the best strategy that fits your bank and enables you to focus on your business objectives.
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Stacy Pritzl is a Solution Consultant for UFS. During her 23 years with UFS, she has grown to be a valuable partner to community bankers with a focus on relationship management: customer experience, satisfaction, and support, as well as product management. Prior to UFS, Stacy discovered her passion for community banking and technology while working for a local community bank.