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EXPERTS EXPLAIN. 5Q’s with Nate Te Winkel.

In this edition of EXPERTS EXPLAIN, Nate Te Winkel discusses technology reliability and availability, and how his passion started with appreciating the bank next to his great grandma’s house. 

For each of us at UFS, we develop a dedication to make technology work the way that it should. For Nate Te Winkel, when he made this promise, it became a personal mission for him as he understood the impact technology played in his hometown bank, in Ooostburg, Wisconsin. He understood the importance “the bank” played in the community where he grew up. He also understood how technology enabled the bank.

Today, Nate works with a team of people who work tirelessly with the same quest to keep technology operating as it should, in a safe and secure environment. Maintaining reliability and availability of technology is not taken for granted with this team.

Constant monitoring and continuous learning helps keep Nate and his team up to date, and prepared for changes, and upgrades within the technology space. They know quite well what system availability means to our community banks. 

Through Nate’s journey, he learned that just having the technology wasn’t enough, and that having the right people and the proper mindset was needed to keep the tools updated and running efficiently, so that banks could focus on their communities.

To hear more of Nate’s story, or how others at UFS found their passion for community banking, please contact us at or 262-376-3000.

Nate Te Winkel is the UFS Director of Infrastructure Solutions and has been with UFS for over 18 years. Prior to his current role, he was the manager of core technologies and when he joined UFS he was a systems analyst. Prior to UFS he worked for Fiserv for 5 years in roles associated with technology installation and implementation.