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EXPERTS EXPLAIN. 5Q’s with Graham Kesler.

In this edition of EXPERTS EXPLAIN, Graham Kesler, Infrastructure Support Technician Tier II, discusses how specializing in technology for community banks is a win-win. Graham shares secrets to success in the Managed IT Services field and how his passion for innovation and opportunity brought him to be a part of UFS.

As a critical member of the Managed IT Services team at UFS, Graham appreciates the ability to be an expert, and really focus on the specific technologies needed for the community banking industry.

Drastically improving the level of service that he and his team can offer to banks is a real benefit from this dedicated focus on community banking technology, Graham said during his interview. He points out how common managed IT service providers (MSPs) typically work with a variety of businesses and industries, such as perhaps a CPA firm, or an orthodontics firm, or a variety of mom-n-pop type businesses, whereas committing to one industry, as in the case with UFS who only partners with community banks, you’re enabled to excel in specific areas which brings great personal satisfaction and benefits for the customers, thus a win-win.

Not many in the information technology industry knew the career they wanted to pursue while they were still in middle school, but for Graham Kesler, he discovered way back then what he wanted to be. Following receiving his cybersecurity degree from Augusta University in Georgia, Graham began his career working for a managed IT services company in Georgia. It was there that Graham first discovered that operating as partners with customers brought the best opportunity for a successful technology experience. Now as a valuable member of the managed services team at UFS, supporting UFS community bank customers, Graham finds great success serving as a partner and an extension of the bank’s IT team, which delivers a successful technology environment and the best experience for the customers of the bank.

What is the secret to having a successful IT environment? Near the end of the interview, Graham shares what some might think is a simple solution to this question as he conveys the importance of simply investing in good technology services and tools, as he’s learned there would be few regrets when this approach is taken and things run smoothly, and as expected.

To hear more of Graham’s story, or how others at UFS found their passion for community banking, please contact us at or 262-376-3000.

Graham Kesler is an Infrastructure Support Technician Tier II and has been with UFS for almost 2 years.