2024 TeamUFS Award Nominations


Throughout the month of August we are seeking nominees for several UFS End-of-year Summit Celebration Awards that align with our Guiding Principles.

We will be seeking 6 individuals who most clearly demonstrate each of our Guiding Principles: Partnership, Integrity, Growth, Balance, Steward Leadership, and  Empowerment.

Why nominate a coworker?

Most importantly, because you recognize that PEOPLE are what make us successful! But also, we plan to make a BIG deal out of our winners!

Prizes for Guiding Principle Awards will be substantial. Also, if you nominate someone, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a gift card, simply for being an awesome coworker and taking the time to nominate someone!

About Nominations:

Compelling nominations include detailed, descriptive examples to demonstrate why you have nominated your coworker. For instance, “They are awesome” is much more supportive and convincing when followed with specific information about what makes them so awesome. Share specific examples and stories, and write your nominations with the understanding that the review panel will NOT know this person. The review panel will be made up of business and community leaders who are not associated with UFS. Guiding Principle Awards require 200+ word nominations.

Nominators must identify themselves, but may request to have their name concealed from the nominee for anonymity.

Each nomination is reviewed and all nominations will be shared with UFS leaders after winners are selected by a non-UFS panel, so even if your nominee isn’t chosen, they will be celebrated with their manager and other UFS leaders.


Please submit your nominations by 09/03/2024.